New Product Photos, Tweaked Stretch Goals!

New Product Photos, Tweaked Stretch Goals!

A big thank you for everyone who have pre-ordered our upcoming Hobo's Huntsman's Journal™! Thanks to them, I managed to get few days off from other projects to redesign the Journal’s page layouts!

Finally you can see the real look of the book on product photos (no more shitty prototypes!).

Journal pages are now larger, and more interesting to look at — just like a real notebook with writer’s drawings, notes and warnings! Also included is some small elements from our upcoming Settlement Book™ (yes, it’s under work atm, no ETA yet). They will both fit in your game seamlessly.

The new page size allowed also a few additional useful note sections.

AND great news for those who are looking forward to Black Knight and Frogdog Monsters:

I decided to change the next Pre-order Stretch Goal of Custom Pages to 1 Nemesis + 1 Quarry monster (instead of just two quarries). We are just few orders away from them!


There are still some Limited Editions available, in case you want to grab one before they're gone.


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