Board Game Hell VI - We Made It To 6th Lantern Year!

Board Game Hell VI - We Made It To 6th Lantern Year!

There has been a few rough years on the road, but we've made it to 6th Lantern Year!

Board Game Hell webstore turned 6 years old. Quite a milestone already!


For those who haven't followed us from the beginning, we have offered unique accessories for Kingdom Death: Monster since 2017.

First of all, THANK YOU FRIENDS, all around the World! Without your continuous support and awesome feedback this milestone wouldn't ever got reached. 

New Designs!

This day is very significant milestone for us, so I have designed some brand new stuff for your Kingdom Death game. I hope you like them:


Our unique Insanity Tokens™ for Kingdom Death: Monster is a perfect companion for Hobo's Character Sheets™
  • Brand new BGH Insanity Tokens™! Two different sets, with multiple ways to use! Some of you asked why our Deluxe Character Sheets™ did not include a box for insanity level, and here's the answer. Survivors' Insanity can jump on a roller coaster really fast on certain situations, so it's way easier to follow the current amount with tokens than write & wipe. And these works, I can say. Love 'em already!
Hobo's Deluxe Settlement Book™ Limited Death Edition
  • Our bestseller, Hobo's Deluxe Settlement Book™ is available again with Brand New "Death Edition" covers and some changes in art pieces. This time print-runs will be limited due to amount of work and time they require, so order your copy today to ensure you'll get one! First come, first served. PLEASE NOTE: THE BOOK'S CONTENT IS 100% IDENTICAL WITH THE PREVIOUS EDITIONS, only differences comes with some art.


Inventory additions:

  • Card Stands are also available again! Some of you have asked for these, and finally we can deliver. Must for a solo player. 


Special secret gift for you, my friend

When purchasing a Settlement Book™ and one set of our Character Sheets™, use the coupon BGHVI-CHARSHEET on checkout and you'll get those sheets for free! Woohoo!



Thank you, everyone!

— Olli
The Designer & Shopkeeper



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