First Orders Fulfilled.

First Orders Fulfilled.

After the super-awesome BGH VI Celebration Weekend few days ago we had to took a few days off, but worked on slow pace behind the curtains nevertheless.

Today was a good day. The first batch of smaller orders (the ones without a copy of Settlement Book™) is now all packed and will be dropped in a postal office tomorrow.

Tomorrow we'll also inventory our production materials, and order new ones for the books, where needed. The printing process will begin shortly. The more printing and laminating of Hobo's Character Sheets™ are worked on meanwhile. (They were quite popular too — maybe the free shipping was the thing people wanted to benefit to the max? Who knows!)



There are still some Limited Death Editions left, in case you want the Hobo’s Deluxe Settlement Book™ with a special cover. Otherwise the books are identical.

Adding the sheets and bookmarks on the same order with zero shipping costs is a clever idea, by the way.

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