First Supplies On Their Way

First Supplies On Their Way

We have begun to order all the needed supplies to print & produce your pre-ordered Hobo's Deluxe Settlement Books™. First ones of them are on their way to us already. Great!

It will take some time to gather everything on our table, though. Maybe a couple of weeks if everything goes smoothly. But when everything has finally arrived, we can start printing like never before!


Pre-order today and secure your copy in the first batch!

You may have used our highly acclaimed Hobo's Settlement Sheet™ before. In case you found it useful, you should pre-order it's successor. The new book is bigger, better and pixel-perfect.

Pre-order a copy or two of our brand new Hobo's Deluxe Settlement Book™ for Kindom Death: Monster today, and it will be printed in the first wave with the other pre-ordered copies.

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