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Always wanted to try out all the colors, but it's too hard to decide which scheme would suit your needs best?

I know the struggle. I love them all, and keep them handy 24/7. Never know what the mood is when the Showdown finally begins...

BUT WAIT! Now you have a great chance to try out the both color schemes! Use the special one for your Savior or the "Last Man On The Board". You choose.



When you buy any of the Bundles of 4 or 6 during the offer, I will add the different color set in your order before shipping. You save $18 with this offer, plus FREE worldwide shipping.

(Example: if you buy a bundle of 4 Nemesis Survival Tokens, you will get 4 dark themed sets + one original colorful set. Then you'll have total of 20 tokens!)

And, if you want to add Black Edges Finishing extra option on your tokens, the extra set will have the finishing also!


All eligible bundles:


This Special Promo Offer is valid through August 23, or until stock lasts. Usually the "Six-packs" sell out first.





Board Game Hell GenCon Promo

Hey dude! I'm an old customer, what do I get? What is the value of my loyalty, you S.O.B?!

I highly value the loyalty of the customers who have used the Survival Tokens from the very beginning, and I'm sure they have helped on your struggles. Maybe you have some cool stories about the situations where they have helped you out?


So... For the old customers I have this special offer:

Write a review on the product page of the Survival Tokens Bundle you have played with, and I will connect the dots with your customer account and send you the FREE set of tokens afterwards as a Thank You. Easy as that!

This offer is also valid through August 23.



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