Hobo’s Deluxe Settlement Book™ for Kingdom Death: Monster will come back when Gambler's Chest Expansion arrives.

Hobo’s Settlement Book™ will return (eventually)!

Hello friends! 

I have received sooo many messages from you guys within the last few weeks about our Hobo’s Settlement Book™ for Kingdom Death, and if it will come back in stock ever again. So, officially:


Actually it was already planned for this summer, but had to put on hold because Gambler’s Chest Expansion is finally shipping. So now I’m just waiting (not-so-patiently) for my copy to arrive to Finland so I’ll see what content needs redesign to match new changes/additions.

As I don’t know yet how much there are new stuff included, I’m not sure yet should I redesign the book to be even better (bigger?) or just update the old one. Only time will tell. You can comment or send me a message if you want to share what you prefer.

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The Newsletter is the best way to stay aware, as previously the pre-order queue has grew up quickly.

Thank you very much for your support, everyone!
— Olli

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Hi True_Grim,
Thank you for your feedback! I hear you. I’ll do my best with them and if anyway possible, I will release an update pack for the original book. If not, there will be some kind of discount for all previous owners who wants to move to a new GCE version.

Best regards,
– Olli
The Designer & Shopkeeper

Board Game Hell

An update would be nice just to keep costs to a minimum 😁


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