Hobo's Huntsman's Journal™

Hobo's Huntsman's Journal™

Hello friends!

Still waiting for a replacement device from Canon so we can continue printing, but I did not want to let that slow me down.

While gathering a bit more experience with GCE to redesign the Hobo's Settlement Book™, meanwhile I want to look at the showdowns. Because that MF Butcher annoys me again with his old dirty tricks, like never before!

Here it is, never-seen-before Hobo's Huntsman's Journal™ — An awesome accessory for those who want to learn from their defeats!

We've talked about the idea of this kind of item for years in our gaming group, but finally I took it on the table. Now I want to learn how to beat these new monsters. And damn, looks like the book really works!

One could find it very useful when studying all the KDM monsters' tricks & maneuvers. And finally master them.

There is also small game mechanics you can use to include this brand new Hobo's Huntsman's Journal in your campaign a thematic way. I'm sure you'll love it.


There are also a few Pre-order Stretch Goals to reach out. They will increase the quality and content of all Journals. But, as always, they don't come cheap, so we may need a little hand there. (But only, if you think you would genuinely benefit from the product. Thank you!)


Happy hunting!
— Olli

The Designer & Shopkeeper

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