Material Gathering Challenges

Material Gathering Challenges

As we all know, the Mineral Material Gathering can be quite challenging sometimes. All the times, actually.

For a few weeks now we have placed orders here and there to gather all the components needed for the Hobo's Deluxe Settlement Books™. While we thought it'll be the easiest task on all this, well... It quite wasn't.


It happens to the bigger players too

As we use Canon's professional quality heavy weight paper stock, they happened to had big technical issues right now on their European inventory with that exact item what we were about to order a lot (?!). "This can't be true", I thought when we needed a dozen boxes full of that particular type of paper. And everywhere else out-of-stock also. Wtf.


Production costs jumped on a rocked ride

Then I finally managed to find enough boxes at one store in the US. So the only option was to order overseas, with the murderous shipping costs – plus those tasty 24% import taxes, of course. Not funny at all, but the good thing is that now these sheets are Letter-sized, which is a bit wider than A4. Finally we have them inhouse, and the printing can begin. And we have already started with the new Character Sheets™ (there will be LOTS of them!).


Now, while we fear the shipping can begin shortly later than we have planned for – due to these circumstances out of our hands – we will work hard to hit the estimated time window to release our brand new items at the end of this month.


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