New Product: Survival Actions Grid & Cheat Sheet

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Survival Actions Grid, horizontal

Survival Actions Grid shows all the important information in a compact, stylish way.

These Grids are made of thick, high quality 350msg card and their stylish matte coated finish (on both sides!) really fits them in the Kingdom Death's atmosphere.
Survival Actions Grids are designed to fit perfectly (by size and theme) side by side with Kingdom Death's official Gear Grids. And they do!



Survival Actions Grid

Four ways to play

Each grid card is double-sided and both sides works in two ways on it's own!
If you own Sunstalker Expansion, the backside of the card gives you the grid you need with the different Survival Actions set. Sunstalker Upgrade Tokens can be found here, if you don't have them already.



Survival Actions Grid, horizontal Survival Actions Grid, vertical
The Grids are designed to fit in your game either horizontally or vertically.

You can find your Survival Actions Grids here.



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