New Product: White Gift Box!

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White Gift Box, sturdy and restrained way to store things

Whether your needs are a nice package for a gift, or very durable box for your game components like dice or tokens, this box will do the job perfectly.

If you play Kingdom Death: Monster, you may know those "One Miniature Mini Expansions", which comes in a white box.

This new box is quite exactly the same size as the KD:M ones, only difference is that the longer edge is 35mm (1.38 inch) shorter than those where Kingdom Death products are packed in.


If you want, I can send your gift (purchased from Board Game Hell) to any address you give. With Free Worldwide Shipping, if the order total exceeds $35! Why not gift the Survival Tokens Bundle to your friend for their birthday?


Check out the detailed info here: White Gift Box


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