Steady progress with pre-orders

Steady progress with pre-orders

Everything rolling smoothly.

The latest batch of pre-orders is going out to a postal office today, and there’s only one job left with them — hitting a fistful of stamps on each one! Ugh.

Kingdom Death players who've got their fulfillment confirmation in UK, EU & the United States within last few hours will receive their orders soon. ✨📫

And, while packing these, the next batch of our Settlement Books has come out of print. If we don’t hit the Trap Card while working, they’ll leave the office next week. Looking good.👌

🆘 AND, just a heads up in case you don't follow us on social media: after the very last batch of these Hobo's Deluxe Settlement Books leave the office I’ll have a short time off from these to design something else for KDM. So, if you want one, order a copy today. No order will be left behind.  

Thank you everyone for your support, and have a nice week!

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