Survival Tokens 1.5 — The "Endure" Tokens Upgrade

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Survival Tokens 1.5 - Endure

The Monster 1.5 Update Packs are on their way to all of us, so the time has come to update also the Survival Tokens Bundles.

Did you know there will be a new Survival Action called "Endure" introduced in the updated Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5? It's ok, I am prepared.


Flash Sales

The web store will be open for only a  short time now, like a week or so. During this time all Survival Tokens Hunt and Lantern Bundles will be upgraded for FREE. The token count will be 20 and 30 then, respectively.

After this time the store will be locked up again so I can continue with the renovation it needs.


So please, order today if you want to have these by the end of October.*


* An estimation, of course. The detailed shipping info can be found in FAQ. 


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