Thank you! Only this weekend left to grab the Limited Edition

Thank you! Only this weekend left to grab the Limited Edition

I am overwhelmingly thankful to you all, friends!

Our newest release has been very popular, and, with no exceptions, everyone who placed an order wanted to have the Limited Early Bird Edition of our Hobo's Deluxe Settlement Book. Thank you!

There are still few copies left (less than ten), and, whether they sell out or not, the Limited, Hand-numbered Edition will be unavailable after this weekend. Everyone who was a real "early bird" should have it by then.

EDIT: All single Limited Edition Books are now sold out, in the same day. There's still two-book bundles available if you want to share with a friend or BAE. And the regular version is just as good as the EB one, no worries!


Limited Edition Special Book Cover

I will continue with designing the special cover a bit cooler than the regular one (if possible!). And I'll keep everyone who have pre-ordered one on track how it goes. If you have an order placed in by then, you can follow the progress along the way.


As a sidenote, also our innovative Hobo's Deluxe Character Sheets has been damn popular, being included almost in each order. I'll get back to them later. 


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