The Crazy Launch Week Behind, Few Days Off Now

The Crazy Launch Week Behind, Few Days Off Now

Thank you, everyone!

It was a damn crazy launch week the last 7 days — way more than I was prepared for! Your interest on our upcoming Deluxe Settlement Book was intense, and it was great to have a chat with few of you during the campaign. Great people!

Each and every copy of the Limited Edition is now secured for someone. THANK YOU very much, friends!!! 🔥

The Regular book will stay available for pre-orders in case you’re still on the edge. It’s the one you see on the photos.


Few days off now, then back to work

All this was quite exhausting, so now I’m going to take a few days off from the office and take my girl to a fine restaurant.

Later I’ll return to work and do a few minor tweaks with the book, then we continue to plan how we produce all these dozens of items. I’ll do my best to stay on the estimated release date at end of the August, depending on how quick we get all the physical book materials on our table.

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