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Hello there.

It's been a while, but keep breathing, Board Game Hell is not dead yet. Hell, just an opposite, actually!

Ok, so you have seen this new store now. I wasn't happy with the old look, feel and usability of the first version of this webstore, so I took the time and re-thought things thothroughly to make this version better. I hope it's more pleasurable experience to use now.

Re-worked brand & content

This store was built up fast at the beginning of 2017, so the layout was kind of a compromise between speed and design.

Now I took the time for re-design all of it from the scratch. Starting with the logo, store layout and official packaging labels. They're about to look like real products now!

All text contents on this site are re-written to be unique for each product. I tried to keep them tide and informative. And funny? Hardly.

Better usability

I disliked the long, exhausting pages full of text content, so I coded more sophisticated tabs divided sections for them. This way it is super fast and easy to find the most valuable product info.

All product photos are now better in view at first glance without scrolling.

Also Customer Reviews are more visible now with their own section under the product descriptions. It's always interesting to get to know products by people who have actually used them.

Free Stuff!

As I am a gamer myself more than a salesman, I want to share also my own designed fan contents for the games I love.

I have added a collection of Free Downloads where you can find some PDF files I have created and playtested. There are now the first two files available, Hobo's Settlement Sheet and Hobo's Survival Actions Sheet for use with the Survival Tokens.

Just add the file(s) to your cart and the download link will be sent to you right after the ordering process. Or you can add them on top of your other purchases in the same cart if you want to. No need for separate orders.

"But whatta hell is this hobo-thing??"

Yes, I understand. That name comes from my BoardGameGeek nickname, HoboWithAShotgun, which some of you may recognise from my contributions for Kingdom Death on BGG's files section. My works has been quite popular over the years, and I want to continue to create some more when ever I have some spare time.

I actually have some awesome KD stuff already on playtesting. And they feel quite perfect already! Just need the written permission from Adam Poots before publishing (if he approves them).

New Stuff available

The Nemesis Survival Tokens. Damn. They. Are. Cool!

People asked for a dark themed tokens to fit into the Kingdom Death theme better, and here they are! The most coolest shit since my birth.

A wider range of accessories

As an accessory webstore here should be all kinds of stuff available for the board games. At this point the product range is a bit thin, but I am looking for interesting additions all the time.

I want to offer stuff that I personally use regularly in my own games. And yes, all ordered products will be brand new, not from my own game boxes...

The Future of Board Game Hell

I have about a dozen ideas what to design, produce and add here on the store. Some are free downloads, some are purchasable products. Some of them contains both!

I will continue with the Kingdom Death stuff for a little longer now, as I'm already playtested/playtesting some new stuff, but I have a few cool plans to create something totally different eventually. I hope I find the time for that at some point.

Thank you for being onboard this very first spring of BGH, I really like you!

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