Designer's Notes about the final tweaks on Hobo's Deluxe Settlement Book

The Final Tweaks Here And There – Designer's Notes

As you may have read, we've had a few unforeseen bumbs on the road to get the Settlement Book production finally ongoing. These may delay the release date and fulfillment of the pre-orders, but I'll try to minimize that.

But no one have slept while waiting for materials arriving, that's for sure!


The good news

Due to these difficulties I've had plenty of time to hit my hands in dirt with this book once more, so I wanted to show this baby some extra love and do fine tweaks on the designs here and there. Less anything major, mostly adjusting pixels around, but now the look is more finalized and easier to look at. Modest eye-candy has been added where found useful.


In Finland we believe in quality design and work for it

So I have tweaked, fixed and re-designed plenty of minor imperfections on the upcoming Hobo's Deluxe Settlement Book™ for over a week now. Small things, and I guess that most people don't even recognize or care about them – but I believe it's all about those minimal details where the Devil lives.

I'm sure you'll love the final product.


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