There Will Be No Black Friday This Year

There Will Be No Black Friday This Year

In case you've been waiting for something special coming up from us in the next few weeks, I must disappoint you. Sorry.

Due to cumulated unexpected short delays with the pre-orders (illness, material shortages, etc.), I have decided that Board Game Hell will not take part in the annual Black Friday Mayhem this year. Instead, we'll concentrate now all the energy left to finish and mail each and every order in the last remaining two pre-order batches.

I prefer to serve the current customers better instead of gathering new orders in queue (which would delay as well). I hope you understand. It was a hard decision, as I had a few cool ideas planned, but they can be launched up later in the near future as well. Maybe a bit better, even. 

Thank you for your support, friends! Appreciated.  

— Olli
The Designer & Shopkeeper

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