While I was off the office for a few days we hit the highest Stretch Goal — and went straight through it forward to the final bonus goal!

I am very pleased and honored that so many of you have liked my new Huntsman's Journal™. Highly appreciated!


Tools Upgrade

The new pro-level tools are already collected on a list and I will place the order soon. There will be significant finishing upgrade in quality for the laminating and wirebinding process, with brand new Heavy Duty metal tools.

And, if we still manage to get a few more Journal pre-orders before I place the order, also the cutting process will speed up a LOT with a new German-made guillotine (those are damn expensive, but the very best in class). But that's a bonus, we have already got some awesome upgrades here!

With all these upgrades our all print products will benefit from better quality & efficiency. This will hopefully speed up the fulfillment times.


I will put all my skills into this to make this Journal truly the best way to make notes about all Kingdom Death monsters. I want to help you to beat those asswipes. Just give 'em one for me!

So, once more, thank you! You guys have made this book the best it can be. And if you haven't pre-ordered your own copy yet, but would like to have one, I recommend to do it now. It will take some time to fulfill all the orders in queue.

You can order your copy here.


 Have a great day!
— Olli

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