New Hide & Activate Tokens, "Rugged" Set (x6) for Kingdom Death: Monster

1-6 players
Regular price 9.99
New, easier-to-notice bone-white front with small color identifiers for uniform look
These rugged tokens are designed for YOU, you wimpy crybaby who crouch in bushes throught the Showdowns!
These will not save you from Trap! card, but gives you a slightly better changes to not be hurt

New Hide & Activate Tokens are designed for those pieces of **** who spends their showdowns in the bushes, avoiding troubles.

New Hide & Activate Tokens are slightly thinner than the original ones and square shaped to lay down better on the miniatures or the board.

Also the color scheme is thoroughly re-thought. Instead of the bunch of happy-colored roundies these are now in line with the New Survival Tokens range. A perfect supplement for your game, shall we say!

These new tokens are as compact as the old ones (0.5"), but lays better on a mini's base, thanks to their new shape and thickness.

These will save your best survivor's life at some point, because now you can easily notice their hiding status. Quite often most of us forget the survivors we've hidden last round. And THAT'S a deadly mistake.

New Hide & Activate Tokens,

These tokens have been in playtesting for a while now. They quickly superseded the old round ones during the testing period. These are our new badass favorites, thanks to the rugged style.

New Hide & Activate Tokens, "Rugged" Set (x6) for Kingdom Death: Monster

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New, easier-to-notice bone-white front with small color identifiers for uniform look
These rugged tokens are designed for YOU, you wimpy crybaby who crouch in bushes throught the Showdowns!
These will not save you from Trap! card, but gives you a slightly better changes to not be hurt

This product will be in use a lot, each round.

Divide the price tag by all those gaming hours this product ease down and think hard if it's worth it for you. This really is a great product.

"[...] Side-note: if you didn't paint your base and, like me, have difficulty telling your starting females apart, these tokens can identify them at a glance too. They can serve as knocked-down reminders too if you don't like putting your mini on its side :)

Definitely recommended."
- Razoupaf, France

Product type: Reminder Tool Accessories
Designed for: Kingdom Death: Monster Board Game
Variation/Expansion required:
Compatible with: Versions v1.0, v1.31 and v1.5
Designed by: Board Game Hell
Released: April 2019
Language dependence: Minimum
In-game use: Extremely High
Durability: Very Good
Player count: Solo / 2-6 Players
Other sizes available:
Bundle Sizes:
Color Schemes Available: Rugged / Original (thick, round shaped)

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Bundle Content: 6 Activate & Hide Tokens (=6 tokens in total)
Content of a Set: 1 Activate & Hide Set contains 6 tokens and is enough for all survivors in Kingdom Death: Monster board game.
Color Scheme: "Rugged" (Blood red, green, turquose, sand, purple and mustard yellow)
Measurements: 0.5 x 0.5 inch / 12.7mm x 12.7mm
Materials: High Quality 1.6mm Card Board
Cutting Technique: Die cut
Recycling: BGH Recycling Program™
Finishing: UV Matte coating
Net Weight: 4 g
Languages: English
Age Rating: Rated 3+ (Small parts)
Product Tags attr:1-6 players, Essentials, Kingdom Death: Monster,
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Legal Notice: Copyright © 2017-2021 Board Game Hell by Olbedesign. All rights reserved. No part of the Website or Product Design may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the written permission of the copyright owner.
3rd Party Supplier & Trademarks: This is not an official Kingdom Death: Monster product, but 100% compatible with the title as an accessory. You will need the core game to be able to benefit this product. Kingdom Death is a trademark of Adam Poots Games, LLC.
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