If you have Sunstalker Expansion for Kingdom Death: Monster board game, you'll need the Sunstalker Actions tokens to upgrade your game experience to the next level.

These are Upgrade Sets. You will need Survival Actions bundle as a base set.

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New Sunstalker Actions™, "Inverted" Hunt Upgrade (x4) for Kingdom Death: Monster
1-4 players
Regular price $9.99 Sale price

New Sunstalker Actions™, "Inverted" Lantern Upgrade (x6) for Kingdom Death: Monster
1-6 players
Regular price $14.99 Sale price

Survival Actions Grids™, Hunt Set (x4) for Kingdom Death: Monster
1-4 players
Regular price

Worn out counters? Scratched tokens? Heck, and barely 200+ hours behind!

Even though our personal opinion is that our tokens gets only better during time, we also understand that some of them will see more than they are designed for.

Board Game Hell Recycling Program™
We know how the pieces wear down during hectic gaming nights

Every retail packed BGH tokens have a single cut-out-stamp inside the pack. Each of these "coupon stamps" are eligible for a single token recycle. No matter which token(s) you want to get replaced — if we have a replacement copy available, you'll get a new one.

I.e. If you have a Survival Tokens Lantern Bundle, you can recycle up to 6 tokens. (e.g. 2xSurge, 1xDash and 1xDodge = 4 stamps. Send them to us and we'll send the replacement copies to you same day.)

  1. Request recycling and we'll check if there are spare parts available for you.
  2. Cut off a BGH Recycle Stamp (or heck, just toss the whole card in!) for each token you want to change.
  3. Send the stamps and tokens to us in an envelope, preferably in a ZipLock bag.
  4. You'll receive a replacement copy for each token you wanted to recycle.