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We all know how annoying it is when small board game components are missing or broken. And we all have those random pieces around that no-one knows where they once belonged to, nor what to do with them. A trash can isn't an option. Hell no, sir!

During the years we have collected quite amount of random spare parts from different games. Some of them are rare, one-of-a-kind pieces or Kickstarter exclusives, while most are just replacement pieces (which are great for prototyping, BTW!) This is the section of Board Game Hell where all random, weared and forgotten game pieces come together.

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"These tokens are really well made, and fit the style of Kingdom Death, and help with the constant marking and erasing on Survivor sheets. Just wish they were a little cheaper, but I'm happy to have a set for my gaming group."

— Chris, Fort Wayne, Indiana USA

Product type: Reminder Tool Accessories
Designed for: Kingdom Death: Monster Board Game
Variation/Expansion required: Sunstalker Expansion
Compatible with: Versions v1.0, v1.31 and v1.5
Released: November 2017
Language dependence: Low
In-game use: Extremely High
Durability: Very Good
Player count: Solo / 2-4 Players
Other sizes available: 5-6 Players