Hobo's Settlement Sheet for Kingdom Death: Monster (Incl. All Expansions)

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Several important improvements, found during hundreds hours of playing
Designed to savegame friendly, if having multiple campaigns running simultaneously
Easy to follow the progress with various Armor Sets and Departing Survival

Hobo's Settlement Sheet is designed and tweaked during hundreds of hours of gaming experience in Kingdom Death

Designer notes:

"There are several Fan-made Settlement Sheets out there these days. I wasn't perfectly happy with any of them. Not even the official one, hate to say.

That's why I completely re-designed the sheet to fit for our own needs. Now the most important information fits on an A4 sheet of paper.

I have done my best to do it as self-explanatory and clear as I could (but added a guide image here just in case). There will always be something to tweak, but now it works as intended, so I'll let it be for now."

— Olli Toivonen, aka "HoboWithAShotgun"

Hobo's Settlement Sheet for Kingdom Death: Monster (Incl. All Expansions)

This sheet is designed for a quick start. On the top left corner you select the Quarry options just by blacking over the boxes. No writing. This speeds up the start and upkeep of a campaign.

Just black over the expansions & Story Events you don't want to include (to be honest, just a few Lantern Years before they occur on the Timeline should be enough). This way you don't have to know all Monsters at the beginning, in case you want to change your mind later, as we often do...

Hobo's Settlement Sheet for Kingdom Death: Monster (Incl. All Expansions)

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Tested for months in real gameplay

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How do I use this file?

1) Print out a copy of this sheet when you start a new campaign.

Hobo's Settlement Sheet PDF is designed to be printed on an European standard A4 size sheet of paper, but it should fit on most paper sizes quite fine nevertheless.

2) Black over the options and events you don't want to use in your campaign.

For example: if you want to play with the White Lion, Spidicules and Dragon King, black out the Gorm, Screaming Antelope, DBK and Sunstalker boxes on Campaign Quarries table.

Then, black over the events on the Timeline with letters "G", "FK", "DBK" and "SS" to dodge their Story Events. This way you won't meet them at all. But nothing prevents you to add them there later on during the campaign, though!

3) Principles (Graves, Survival of the Fittest, etc.) are removed as you really don't need the information on this sheet.

You have the cards on your reach after they're acquired, so it should be easy to check on them when needed. There will be eventually another sheet available with this information shown.


Version Changes

White Gigalion added on Selectable Monsters List as "Other" (Vignette of Death expansion required)
Giga Catarium added on Settlement Locations
— Fixed Vagabond Armor gear body locations and re-located under Leather Armor


Overhauled new version for Kingdom Death v1.5.
Main changes:

— Fixed page numbers to match the new rulebook
Settlement Event Phases added
Lantern Research Level added
Vagabond Armor added ("Before The Wall" mini expansion required)
— Armor boxes marked that needs a special gear (expansions required)
Gold Smoke Knight added
— Settlement Locations re-arranged and highlighted
— 5th Visited Nemesis added
Leather and Iron added in common resources
— Resource abbreviations added under the Storage list
— Some minor tweaks for better readability

2.3 The Initial Release. Dozens of big & small tweaks after weeks of sweaty hard ass testing campaigns.
1.0 A Prototype (never published)
Several important improvements, found during hundreds hours of playing
Designed to savegame friendly, if having multiple campaigns running simultaneously
Easy to follow the progress with various Armor Sets and Departing Survival

This file is designed to be in use a lot.

We try to offer only useful stuff, and this alternative content are no exception. We hope you'll find this fan-made creation useful and use it in your every game from now on. This really is a great product.

"This is an easy way to NEATLY keep track of every thing that happens in the settlement. I found that before I used this sheet I frequently forgot things or had to write multiple things (unrelated) in the same area which was very confusing."
- Jonathan L. Jones — Wilmington, DE

Product type: Digital PDF Download
Designed for: Kingdom Death: Monster board game
Variation/Expansion required: (Optional) All expansions, "White box expansions"
Compatible with: Pencils. Duh.
Designer: HoboWithAShotgun / Board Game Hell
Released: August 2018
Language dependence: Medium
In-game use: Very High
Durability: Depends on your choice of paper thickness
Player count: Solo / 2+ Players
Color Schemes Available: White

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Bundle Content: 1 x Digital PDF Sheet
Content of a Set: 1 x Digital PDF Sheet, unlimited use
Color Scheme: Fifteen shades of Gray (plus some Black and Wine Red here and there)
Measurements: A4 sheet (210 × 297 mm)
Materials: 0s and 1s laid in a lovely order
Cutting Technique: Digital Copy & Paste
Recycling: Press the DEL key
Net Weight: 0 g
Languages: English
Age Rating: Rated 3+ (Small parts)
Product Tags Kingdom Death: Monster, PDF,
Social Media Tags: #hobospdf — Copy & Share!
Legal Notice: Copyright © 2017-2022 Board Game Hell by Olbedesign. All rights reserved. No part of the Website or Product Design may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the written permission of the copyright owner.
3rd Party Supplier & Trademarks: This is not an official Kingdom Death: Monster product, but 100% compatible with the title as an accessory. You will need the core game to be able to benefit this product. Kingdom Death is a trademark of Adam Poots Games, LLC.
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