Hobo's Huntsman's Journal™ Top Features

Innovative Ideas
Innovative Ideas

Write down your own notes on Monsters' unique data pages. A unique design for fast and streamlined book keeping experience allows you to learn by your own pace.

This book is a convenient way to make quick notes easily during a Showdown and Hunt Phase in Kingdom Death. It won't slow you down at any point.


Expansions Included
All Expansions Included

Hobo’s Huntsman's Journal™ contains Quarry & Nemesis monsters from:
— KDM Core Game
— Gambler's Chest
— Expansions of Death Vol. 1.
— Vignette of Death: Gigalion

# Bonus monsters possible if ADDED thanks to Stretch Goals achieved!


Hobo’s Deluxe Settlement Book™ features, settlement's marketplace
Space-saving Design
New Page Size

This book is designed to save valuable space on your gaming table. That's why its wire-binded — you can hide the other half and focus only on writing notes on the current monster's page!

Page size is now 9.5" x 7” (24x18cm), so it fits even on smaller gaming tables (and easier than the KDM Rulebook itself!).

Hobo’s Deluxe Settlement Book™ features, settlement's workshop
Focus on Success
Reusability in mind

Each book is professionally printed, matte laminated and wire-binded for easy use and long life on your gaming table in mind. In Finland products are designed for life.

Easy to use with any non-permanent pen and slightly moist cloth. We use these, German-made quality ones.

If used other than our pens, would be a good idea to test it on unseen corner first. But all non-permanent pens should work nicely.

Premium Quality
Premium Quality

All books are professionally manufactured in Finland and each copy goes under strict quality control during the entire process.

# We'll be able to raise up the quality even more if we reach the certain Stretch Goal, please see the photo.


Thematically Perfect
Thematically Perfect

Book contains all new Node Tiers that have visually unique and detailed design for each monster. Everything is designed to be pixel-perfect and minimalistic, so your own notes really pops up.

This book is thoroughly thought and professionally designed by an Art Director who has over two decades long history in Infographics & User Interfaces.

Focus on Success
Focus on Your Success

One player (or solo) can be the Journal Writer who marks down the important notes and observations while survivors fighting a monster. And continue the game, without any slowdown moments.

Eventually, you will have enough notes, tricks and warnings learnt and collected in your Huntsman's Journal™. After few showdowns you'll be finally ready and armed to the teeth with perfectly correct gear — THEN its your turn to take those mofos out, for good!