VIP Account

Board Game Hell's VIP Account is designed for the most loyal customers who show their support by buying the products we have designed.

Oh yes. Very Important Person sounds something very important. Love it!

Everyone would like to be one, but only a few really work for what it takes.
BGH VIP Account is kind of a Loyalty Program. Without over-complicated bonus conditions (that really means nothing to anyone).

Board Game Hell's VIP Account is designed for the most loyal individuals who have shown their appreciation during these years. These people have supported our hard work by buying our products from the very beginning, and we would like to show our gratitude for them somehow. That's why we created BGH VIP Accounts.

While our VIPs are quite limited in numbers, they're very significant in quality. And these people we want to offer some special treatment when possible.

But hey, friend, of course we love you too if you're not part of the program yet — and when you become one, we'll love you even more!

The benefits of being part of our inner circle.

It's awesome to be somebody.
Tell me more...

Shipping Upgrade.

When you pay for Economy Shipping, it's upgraded to 1st Class Priority Mail for free.

Free Shipping Limit.

For VIPs Free shipping limit is only $39 with the special coupon "VIPSHIPPING".

Exclusive invites.

Special VIP offers & invites to get new stuff from our small print runs on the first wave.


Secure your product copies before they comes available.

Secret Campaigns.

Exclusive sales campaigns and secret discount coupons.

VIP Newsletter.

Secret newsletter for our most dedicated customers.

But what it takes to be a VIP?

It ain't for chickens, that's for sure.

Minimum of $120 all-time orders.

That's it. Easy to understand. No messing with points or bonuses. Just a fistful of used US dollar bills thrown at us through the screen. Preferably small value ones. With no continuous numbering nor Feds' tracking.

At least three (3) Product Reviews.

People who purchase more than one item or multiple times a year, are the best to tell a fellow gamer if our products are suitable for what they are designed for. We hope to have one review for each item you own.

"But... What if I am just a lousy S.O.B who only bought something small and cheap years ago? :("

We haven't forgot you, friend.
No worries. It does count towards the VIP account if you have bought something even for just a dollar years ago.

Board Game Hell is not some faceless megacorporation. We want to keep our customers with us. No matter how small or big their order was "back then".

If you still have the account, just login and there you'll find all your previous orders. On the same page there's also a counter that shows how far in percentages you have proceeded towards the VIP Account to date. And, if you are not there just yet, another simple counter tells you the exact $$$ amount you'll need to buy* for to reach the VIP level right away!

* Shipping costs not included


BGH VIP Loyalty Program is subject to change in the future, if better ideas comes up or new incredible things are found in the universe by NASA. But we will keep the current VIPs onboard way or another, so we recommend to become one today and secure your future.

How does this Shipping Upgrade work on VIP Accounts?

Lower Free Shipping limit with a special coupon.

Buyers with VIP Account are eligible for lower Free Shipping limit ($39) by using the Special Coupon Code "VIPSHIPPING" on checkout. The order will be sent using the standard 2nd Class Economy Shipping.

VIP Customers can always upgrade their Shipping method to Priority.

If a VIP customer wants to upgrade to Priority Mail, they can do so by selecting (and paying for) 2nd Class Economy Shipping at checkout (even if there is Free Shipping option available).

Then, this will be upgraded automatically to 1st Class Priority during fulfilment process. Board Game Hell covers the extra share.