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Vintage Replacement D10

Vintage Replacement D10

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Vintage replacement ten-sided die (D10) brings life back in those once beloved vintage wargames.

Back in the day, from 1970s many publishers like Avalon Hill, SPI, Victory Games and many others used these kind of D10 dice in their legendary wargame titles.

Many of us have lost the original dice that came with our most beloved wargame(s), and have to use contemporary replacement nowadays. Nuts! That's not how those games are meant to be played!

This D10 die is a good replacement copy for vintage wargames like Ambush!, Wolfpack, Operation Mercury and Panzer Armee Afrika. Well, basically for any game that used D10 dice back then. Or you can bring up that "feeling of being back there" by using these with the new games as well.

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