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Coffee is an evergreen tropical tree and coffee beans are its seeds. A ripe coffee berry usually contains two seeds. There are two commercial varieties of coffee, Coffea arabica (arabica) and Coffea canephora (robusta), which differ from each other not only in flavour but also to some extent in their composition.

In Finland, mostly arabica coffee is used. There are many kinds of coffee drinks available, and the composition of these depends on such factors as the quantity of ground coffee, the brewing method, the quality of the water used, and the other ingredients used in the coffee.

Source: Paulig Group

(The main photo by Mike Kenneally)

A cup of black coffee (1.25 dl) contains practically no fat, carbohydrates or protein, so its energy content is only 1–2 kcal Coffee contains many minerals and vitamins, particularly potassium, magnesium and nicotinic acid If milk, sugar or sweetener is added to coffee, it will affect its energy and nutritional content.

Micronutrient per 100 ml (1 dl) per cup of coffee (1,25 dl)
Sodium very little very little
Potassium 92 mg 115 mg
Magnesium 8 mg 10 mg
Manganese 0,05 mg 0,06 mg
Riboflavin 0,01 mg 0,01 mg
Niacin 0,7 mg 0,9 mg

The table above shows the mineral and vitamin concentrations in 100 ml or 1 dl of medium-strength coffee. A cup of coffee is 125 ml or 1.25 dl.

$5 Coffee Cup Tip — Thanks for the Free PDFs!

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Easy way to show a little of your gratitude for the Free PDFs, if you find them helpful
Prevent the designer from falling asleep, by keeping him on caffeine rush 24/7
Inspire Hobo to design (and publish) even more of these works of love!

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"This is a damn fine cup of coffee."
- Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks

Product type: Energy Boost
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Compatible with: Any human being
Country of origin: Yemen
Released: 15th century
Language dependence: Depends where you place your order
In-game use: One-time boost
Durability: Low (reasonable warmth) to Very Good (damn hot)
Player count: Solo
Color Schemes Available: Grim Dark

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