All Pre-orders in Print + New Product!

All Pre-orders in Print + New Product!

Hello, friends!

Once again, I have to offer my sincere apologies for the delays. Nothing rarely goes as planned, and a few unforeseen things out of my control have popped up, one after another, delaying the start of the printing process.

But now they are finally in print!


The first pre-orders are about to ship!


  • The Huntsman's Journal™ is currently in print, the first batch shipping soon.
  • Black Scrap Bags™ mostly printed, the first batch shipping soon.


Final version of the Journal proofread in English

And for all of you native speakers who struggle with my English, don't you worry.

The Journal has been proofread by our British friend, who also helped me rewrite the years-old Prologue Gorm's First Story (Thanks, David!).




Hobo's Nightmare Trophy Book™, two different editions


I came up with a super-cool and exciting idea. I really love to pursue achievements. And what could be a better board game for that than Kingdom Death!

Now that all the design work for the Journal is complete, I'm focusing on this new book while I sketch the ideas for the upcoming Hobo's Settlement Book™.

The Hobo's Nightmare Trophy Book™ contains many new concepts, ideas, and materials. The quality of the book itself remains at the same high level as seen in our other products.


Check it out here, and pre-order at the Early Bird price!


– Olli,
The Designer & Shopkeeper

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