New Settlement Book™ Instead of Small Upgrades

New Settlement Book™ Instead of Small Upgrades

Hello, friends!

Kingdom Death players ask me every now and then about the upgrades for the original Hobo's Settlement Book™.

My original idea was small upgrade packs, back when we had limited information about the Gambler's Chest Expansion. But now, after thinking this hard over the last few months, I have come to the conclusion that there is both good news and bad news.


The Original Hobo's Settlement Book™

The long uncertainty surrounding the GCE release made things very difficult for the original book from a design perspective, so I focused on the Core Game and all the Expansions. The book is amazing in what it does, as it contains tons of content from all 11 big expansions and the core game in a very tidy format.

I already missed the book right away when I started my first GCE campaign, so well it did its job before. Everything was easier to handle — and remember.


The bad news

Every aspect of designing and producing these books has stepped up to a whole new level ever since the original was released, so I doubt there will be upgrade pages for the original one.

The main reason for this is the size. The original book was designed with a small table space in mind, but the GCE added so much content to the game that I have to rethink the whole concept.

Another reason is that all this content we have now needs to be rearranged to be easier to follow. This would mean about half of the book needs to be upgraded, which would be extremely impractical. The original book was made as per copy, and works perfectly on its own, but new pages could be slightly different in size. And while there may be slight variations in size, the upgrade would be a hassle for a user to get them to fit perfectly.

The good news

The other thing is that now we have pro level finalizing tools. From now on, each and every copy will be more identical, and therefore easier to upgrade at some day, if seen needed.

The new book will have larger page size (as Huntsman's Journal), better wire-bind and a bit bigger font-sizes. The flip side of the coin is that all of this will compromise the minimal table space needed, though...


Upgrade pricing for the previous version owners

The new Settlement Book™ (incl. GCE) is under work, and I'm planning for an upgrade discount price for everyone who has purchased the original one.

The best upgrade prices will only be available for a limited time, since these items are expensive for us to produce. So, it's a good idea to subscribe to our newsletter now.

I will make a new post when the new Settlement Book is available for pre-order.


– Olli,
The Designer & Shopkeeper


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