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Triathlon of Death Counters™ Set for Kingdom Death: Monster

Triathlon of Death Counters™ Set for Kingdom Death: Monster

Triathlon of Death can be pain-in-the-ass when done with pen & paper

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Triathlon of Death Counters™ removes the annoying note-making-hassle and brings the "fun" back in the Settlement Event.

Triathlon of Death Counters has been one of the most loved new addition to our Kingdom Death. While not being use at all the time, when they do, these unique counters ease down the Settlement Event handling significantly.

Our accessory tokens are beautiful addition on any Kingdom Death: Monster gaming table.

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  • — If you play solo, these counters are very handy for determining the winner survivors in the Triathlon competitions.

    — No hassle with writing each survivor's place on a scrap paper in random order and then try to rearrange them right. That's slow as hell!

    — With our Triathlon of Death Counters™ it's this easy* :
    Just roll the d10s for each survivor and pick up a counter for each places, first to fourth, respectively, and place them next to each competitor. Then, after the Triathlon is over, flip all the counters over and check the prizes on their back side. How neat!

    * If each survivor is a fresh one from the Settlement population pool (or doesn't have any bonuses), you can skip the die roll and just pick the counters out of a bag — it can't get easier than this!

  • AND! We've found out that these ease down even more the note-making-hassle when played with a gaming group.

    — All players just collects their respective Triathlon of Death Counters™ when the results are known. And afterwards, just like in a solo game, just flip the counters and check out the prizes.

    Damn much easier than comparing everyone's crappy notes in the corner of their survivor sheets. And less cheating mofos around.

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Customer Reviews

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George Matson
Occasionally useful

These are not in use in each and every game, but when the we pick up the SE card they're quite nice reminders.

H.B. Jr
A+ seller, nice counters

Product as described. Fast fullfilment though it took time to arrive.