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Hobo’s Deluxe Character Sheets™ for Kingdom Death: Monster (Core Game)

A new, stylish way to keep track of the struggle of your survivors.

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Character Sheet Sets
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Product FAQ

Q: Why there is no checkboxes for Survival Actions? Is this a mistake?

A: The Survival Actions were left out to use the needed space for other things. To achieve the tidy layout some compromises had to be made.

As these days most players use either our Original Survival Tokens™ or the official ones, the checkboxes were not crucially necessary.

To be fair, using tokens makes it a lot easier to follow the actions, although everyone has their own way to play.

Materials & Size

Size: 7.9 in x 5.12 in (200mm x 130mm)

Sheet Materials:
  • High Quality 140gsm Matte Photo Paper
  • Thin, durable matte lamination

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THESE ARE NOT Arc Survivor Sheets (Gambler's Chest)

The design for the Arc Survivor Sheets is currently in progress and will be available in our store eventually. No ETA yet, sorry.

Kingdom Death Hobo's Deluxe Settlement Book™ Ornament

Hobo's Deluxe Character Sheets™ are a stylish way to track your survivors' suffering through the Darkness

The revised (2024) Character Sheets come with minor improvements and higher physical quality. Otherwise they are as awesome as before.

The official KDM Character Sheets did not meet our own gaming needs, so we created our own version. And they've been quite successful for years.

It has never been this cool to follow survivors' life (and death!) from a Lantern Year to another!

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    50+ hours





  • There were a few challenges in designing these sheets:

    • Space-saving. All this information needs to fit in a compact layout to save valuable gaming space on a table.
    • Organized. All information should be easily accessible at a glance. To achieve this, the sections are carefully organized and color-coded to make them easy to use.

    • Durability. We wanted these sheets to be in use for years. And, while you have to write and wipe dozens of times during a single game round, it will be a bit of a challenging. But we made it!
    • Cool appearance. The era of those dull office spreadsheets is over. Our character sheets have a stylish bone-white, modern, and crisp appearance. They fit perfectly alongside your Showdown board and our other products.
  • These character sheets for Kingdom Death are simply the best out there. You really should try them out.

    The official sheets lack several crucial details, which is why we decided to create our own version.

    We have achieved much more success than we had hoped for! Even after all this time, our group still favors these above all else.

Handmade in Finland.

Our innovative print products are designed and manufactured in Tampere, Finland.

  • Each Package Includes:

    • Hunters Set contains 8 x laminated character sheets.
    • Village Set contains 16 x laminated character sheets.
  • Perfect Pack for Everyone

    We offer two different packs for different needs. Select the amount you prefer.

    Choose Village Set to have one sheet for each survivor in the settlement. This will make the game sessions much easier, allowing you to simply select a new sheet instead of writing and erasing the used ones.

A Perfect Match With...

Stylish death is a privilege

Not all of them who struggle through the Darkness have this stylish sheets for their characters. Their survivors will die in misery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Kurtess Mortensen
Excellent Quality

I have been very impressed with all of my purchases from BGH. Well designed and well produced. They fill a gap in session to session game play.

Thank you Kurtess for the review!

Glad to hear you like your items and have found them useful during your gaming sessions. :)

Have a great campaigns!
– Olli

David Simpson
Great… landscape next? Family tree?

I like these a lot, my only comments are that I wish they were available in landscape orientation, and I wish that they had a tracker for the survival abilities and family tree

Thank you David for the review!

These sheets were originally designed with small table space in mind, so they are quite tidy. The next ones for Arc Survivors are going to be landscape – at least the current design is. For Family Tree I have other concept in mind, may see daylight in the future.

Have a great campaign,
– Olli

Character sheets

Received the new version of the character cards. They are awesome except for one glaring omission. They do not show survival actions. This is a big error for me, I play solo, some of my characters cannot use certain survival skills, I need this info on the sheets. Please add this info going forwards, it really does need to be on the sheets.

Thank you J.W. for your review!

I'm sorry to hear that the sheets are not 100% perfect for your needs. They were originally designed for use with our Original Survival Tokens™, when I could use the space on the sheet on other things and get everything fit in small size.

These days most people use either our Survival Tokens or the official/3rd party ones, so this haven't been an issue. With tokens you can easily disable the certain actions from survivors who can't use them. But I understand this is not an option for everyone, so I'll consider adding them back on future products. Thank you for pointing this out!

Have a great year,
– Olli


Order came and product looks great.

Thank you for the review Darryl, appreciated!

Have a great campaign,
– Olli


Super detailed and pretty

Thank you Morgan,

I'm very glad to hear you like them and found them useful! :)

– Olli