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Hobo’s Deluxe Character Sheets™ for Kingdom Death: Monster

Hobo’s Deluxe Character Sheets™ for Kingdom Death: Monster

A new, stylish way to keep book of struggles of your survivors

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Character Sheet Sets



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Kingdom Death Hobo's Deluxe Settlement Book™ Ornament

Hobo's Deluxe Character Sheets™ are new stylish way to keep book of your survivors' lives through the Darkness

It has never been this cool to follow survivors' life (and death!) from a Lantern Year to another.

While the official KDM Character Sheets are quite bland in design and usability (sorry, Mr. Poots!), there have been many different approaches on Kingdom Death Character Sheets.

But to be honest, none of them has satisfied our own gaming needs. So we designed our own, branded item.


Kingdom Death Hobo's Deluxe Settlement Book™ Ornament

These Kingdom Death Character Sheets are innovated during hundreds of hours of real gameplay.

  • There are many important things missing from the official sheets, so we took the task to design our own. And it really has been success beyond our expectations! After all these years, even our own group still prefer these before any other.


Kingdom Death Hobo's Deluxe Settlement Book™ Ornament

When designing these character sheets we had four requirements in mind:

  • All this information must fit in compact layout to save precious gaming space on a table.

  • It have to look cool. Goddamn we're tired of those boring office sheets with blank white lines and checkboxes! Hobo's Deluxe Character Sheets™ looks stylish with their bone-white, crisp modern look. They fit perfectly next to your KDM Showdown board.
  • All information should be easy to find at a glance. To achieve this, we have carefully arranged and color-coded the sections to be easy to use.

  • Durability. We wanted these sheets to be so good that they'll be in use for years. And, while you have to write & wipe dozens of times during a single game round, man, that found out to be a bit of a challenge! But we made it! These really are high quality ones.



We can proudly say that our KDM character sheets are the best out there. You really should try them out.



Made in Finland Made in Finland.

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Hobo's Deluxe Character Sheets™ Top Features

Innovative Ideas
Innovative Layout

Our Character Sheets™ are innovated during hundreds of hours in Kingdom Death.

After tested out all the alternative sheets* out there, we are confident to say these really are the best and most streamlined character sheets available.

* including the official ones!

Focus on Success
Focus on Surviving

Severe Injuries, Fighting Arts, Brain Traumas and all other streamlined sections keep you focused on the current survivor's life (and death, sadly). Quick and easy!

There's also plenty of room designed for your own notes — whether it's just an important Quick Focus Note™ you must remember soon, or in long-term.

Hobo’s Deluxe Settlement Book™ features, settlement's workshop
Space-saving Design
Space-saving Design

Our sheets are designed to save valuable space on your gaming table.

Each Character Sheet's size is only approx.* 5.2" x 8.0” (13x20cm), so it fits on narrow player space, while showing all the information that's usually seen only on large sheets.

* Due to nature of the production process there may be slight variation in size between copies. Just minimal fragmentations of an inch, though, no worries

Thematically Perfect
Thematically Perfect

As all of our products, these sheets are also visually unique and detailed design. Everything is designed to be pixel-perfect and minimalistic, so your own notes really pops up.

The layout is thoroughly thought and professionally designed by an Art Director who has two decade long history in Infographics & User Interfaces.

Premium Quality
Premium Quality

These sheets are professionally produced and each copy goes under strict quality control during the process.

Each sheet is printed on Premium Quality Heavy Weight 170gsm photo paper with Canon's flagship line large format printer.

Sheets are finished with thin matte lamination. This ensures ease of use and durability for many campaigns to come.

Hobo’s Deluxe Settlement Book™ features, settlement's marketplace
Safely Packed
Safely Packed

All orders are hand-packed in a padded envelope that arrives straight to your mailbox.

In the envelope each Character Sheets™ Set is packed in own, protective plastic sleeve before shipping. This has proven to be effective protection even against some nasty oil leak!*

* A true horror story from our customer!


    All orders over $129 USD are eligible for FREE Shipping Worldwide.


    We will make sure your order is packed with gentle love and good protection against the cruel world.


    We design products we want to use. Our goal is to create the most useful gaming stuff out there.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nice sheets!

Work as intented, don't smear and are reusable. Will use them for my campaigns from now on!

Thank you very much for you kind words Nicolas!

– Olli

Useful quality product

These sheets are amazing, they have space for everything you need to write down and are easily cleanable and reusable, which for KDM is essential since the longevity of survivors is not a guarantee (unlike these sheets!). I'll be using them for all campaigns going forward!

Thank you Sam very much for the review!

Awesome to hear you've found them useful. :)

– Olli

Andrew Osborne
Incredibly well thought out product

The Deluxe Character Sheets are everything I wanted them to be. I would consider these an essential product for KDM if you use the character sheets as your primary method of information tracking during game.

Thank you Andrew!

As a designer it really makes me happy that you've found them useful and essential! I hope they manage to keep your survivors alive a couple of more turns (haha, unlikely!).

– Olli

Julius Teckentrup
Good quality but way too expensive

Good Quality but way too expensive

Thank you for the review Julius!

– Olli

Marcos Garcia
Very good!!

Impressed with the quality and finishing as well as the nice handwritten letter which just adds to the overall feeling of caring for the client and final product.

Thank you Marcos!

I appreciated your support so much that I thought I should handwrite some greetings for you. You guys are the reason why I love to do these items. :)

– Olli