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Hobo’s Deluxe Settlement Book™ for Kingdom Death: Monster (PRE-ORDER) – Free Shipping

Hobo’s Deluxe Settlement Book™ for Kingdom Death: Monster (PRE-ORDER) – Free Shipping

Our unique Hobo's Settlement Book™ will change your KDM experience.

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KDM Settlements & Campaigns


Estimated Release: September 2022

Please note: When your order includes pre-order items and in-stock items, the entire order will be mailed in a single package when all products are available (we will reserve the currently available items for you, no worries).

With our never-seen-before Hobo's Deluxe Settlement Book™ your Settlement Phases in Kingdom Death will change forever.

We promise that our innovative Hobo’s Deluxe Settlement Book™ accessory will ease down your game significantly.

Bone-white, crisp look fits perfectly alongside your Showdown board and other Board Game Hell accessories.


——    ——    ——


Will there be a way to upgrade my book(s) when Kingdom Death Gambler's Chest Expansion comes out?

  • Yes. Many have asked this, and we have a plan how everyone can upgrade these books when long-awaited Gambler's Chest Expansion or new Kickstarter stuff comes out (we assume there will be something to upgrade).

  • Upgrades will be available as smaller Upgrade Packs with new content.


What's different with your Settlement Book™ vs. using a Kingdom Death settlement companion app?

  • First of all, this book is designed to be thematic & to fit perfectly on your table. None of the companion apps are. Sorry to say, but we've felt them being boring and dull way to keep book during a campaign, that's why we designed our innovative Settlement Book™.

  • With this book you can handle a lot of information easily at one glance, and you're free to use your own bookmarks or sidenotes as you will.

  • The last – but the most important for some: You are playing a board game, made out of cardboard, plastic and paper. Let's keep those goddamn devices off the table for once! Just gather your friends, grab a beer, dump your phone and roll your dice!


Why this Settlement Book™ is superior to Kingdom Death PDF Settlement Sheets?

  • There's only a certain extent of information a sheet of paper can be printed on. We are forced to use several sheets to keep book of it all – but then comes up new problems with the table space all this requires. If your table is tiny, you can flip this book's pages around to show only the current one, and most sections takes up just about 9" x 6" on your table!

  • A single settlement sheet can be quite bunged-up after awhile as Lantern Years goes by and information piles up. Our book is designed to archive all the information of your settlement in divided sections, so everything stays nicely readable and tidy.



Please read the Top 5 Features below to get an idea how awesome this product is!


FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR EACH BOOK (incl. everything in the same order, yay)


Made in Finland.

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  • — ALL THE OFFICIAL EXPANSIONS & MULTIPLE PROMOS INCLUDED (incl. Gigalion Vignette), with most of their contents like Locations, Innovations, Monsters, Milestones and Gear.

    — Re-usable, matte laminated wire-binded pages. Last for years when used with non-permanent pens. Remarkably small table space required.

    — Upgrade when the new gaming content comes out will be available as smaller Upgrade Packs some day. And my upgrades ain't any MF stickers, that's for sure!

    — Visually unique, detailed & minimalistic, thoroughly thought pixel-perfect design (by a professional infographics & User Interface designer).

    — Hobo’s Deluxe Settlement Book™ is the best and most comprehensive way to play through the Settlement Phase in Kingdom Death. Superior to any other product out there (even the official ones!), all thanks to our own unique step-by-step design for fast and streamlined gaming experience.

    — Hobo’s Deluxe Settlement Book™ contains expanded steps and multiple helpful charts for book keeping that keeps you focused on the current step easily. And to the future Lantern Years, with Save Game Notes!

  • Hobo’s Deluxe Settlement Book™ is designed for Kingdom Death: Monster v1.5 & v1.6 (should work with older versions but not supported).

    Between the covers each book has 20 pages of innovative content. Everything is printed on high quality Heavy Weight 240gsm photo paper, then matte laminated and wire-binded. This ensures ease of use and durability for many campaigns to come.

    When used with quality non-permanent pens and cleaned up with a moist piece of tissue paper or cloth, the book will guide you through the struggles for years.

    Hobo’s Deluxe Settlement Book™ also features streamlined Kingdom Death Rulebook Index on the back of the book, with all the useless pages cut off. No more annoying flippin’ back and forth with the hardback rulebook when looking for an event (Herb Gathering, anyone?).

Hobo’s Deluxe Character Sheets™ are awesome and stylish way to keep book of your survivors' struggle.

Hobo’s Deluxe Character Sheets™

The best Character Sheets out there – professionally designed & playtested for years. Matte laminated & cut in space-saving size will let your survivors die in pain for years.

Pre-order with Settlement Book™ and get Free Shipping!

    All orders over $89 US dollars are eligible for FREE Shipping Worldwide.


    We will make sure your order is packed with gentle love and good protection against the cruel world.


    We design products we want to use. Our goal is to create the most useful gaming stuff out there.

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