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Hobo’s Huntsman's Journal™ for Kingdom Death: Monster (PRE-ORDER)

Learn from your defeats and revenge the deaths of your past survivors!

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Estimated Release: Q2 / 2024 (currently in print)

All orders will be printed-on-demand and fulfilled as "first come, first served". Previously the queue has gotten weeks long quickly — ORDER NOW to get your copy before the guy behind you! Short delays possible.

Please note: When your order includes pre-order items and in-stock items, the entire order will be mailed in a single package when all products are available (we will reserve the currently available items for you, no worries).

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Product FAQ

Q: What is the difference between Limited and Regular Editions?

A: The only difference is the cover, otherwise they are identical. Choose the one that you think suits your game better. The Limited Edition won't return once it's sold out.


Q: Hey! What happened to the Node Dividers?

A: There was a mention in Pre-order Stretch Goals about the divider tabs, but after few prototype tests they were dumped. Those did not add any benefits (as each Node section is just a few pages), but added loads of work and clumsiness.

So, now there is a BGH Promo Gear Divider instead! This way, you can keep our cards neatly organized in your Kingdom Death boxes.


Q: Do I still find this useful if I don't own Gambler's Chest?

A: Of course. Hobo’s Huntsman's Journal™ contains all official Quarry & Nemesis Monsters released before 2024. New monsters may eventually be added.


Q: How many monsters are included? I want to fight them all!!

A: There are currently 28 official monsters and 2 empty templates for any custom Nemesis & Quarry monster, making a total of 30 to fight! Each has their own, unique journal note page.

Materials & Size

Size: 9.5 in x 7.4 in (242mm x 182mm)

Book Materials:
  • High Quality 200gsm Matte Photo Paper
  • Thin, durable matte lamination
  • Black wire-binding

BGH Promo Cards Materials:
  • High Quality 200gsm Matte Photo Paper
  • Thin, durable matte lamination

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  • Rest of World: 4-6 weeks
    (Depends on several factors, such as proximity to metropolitan areas)

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The Hobo’s Huntsman's Journal™ is a game-changer for your upcoming showdowns

The more you play, the more you will learn and be better prepared. Your retribution will come eventually! Customize your note-taking and tackle the monsters one at a time.

With our Journal you can handle a vast amount of monsters' information easily. This journal has been designed with speed and convenience in mind.

Feel free to use your personal bookmarks and sidenotes however you like, you can wipe them off later.

Kingdom Death Hobo's Deluxe Settlement Book™ Ornament

A vital component for determined hunters

The journal's pixel-perfect design matches with the game and other Board Game Hell accessories, making it enjoyable to use during the play.

In addition, there are thematic ways to include this journal in your game.

Empty templates are provided for a Custom Nemesis and Quarry as well. It's easy to add any upcoming official or fan-made monsters — or your own!

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    180+ hours





  • The Journal has a unique page for each of these asswipes:

  • Quarry Monsters:

    • White Lion
    • Crimson Crocodile
    • Gorm
    • Screaming Antelope
    • Spidicules
    • Flower Knight
    • Smog Singers
    • Phoenix
    • Dragon King
    • Sunstalker
    • Dung Beetle Knight
    • Lion God
    • The King
  • Nemesis Monsters:

    • Butcher
    • Manhunter
    • King's Man
    • Lion Knight
    • Slenderman
    • Atnas The Child Eater
    • The Hand
    • The Gambler
    • Watcher
    • Gold Smoke Knight
    • Godhand
    • Tyrant *
    • Lonely Tree
  • Other Monsters:

    • White Gigalion *
    • Bone-eaters

    • Custom Quarry Monster *
    • Custom Nemesis Monster *


    * Added by Pre-order Stretch Goals. THANK YOU ALL!! 

  • What benefits does your Huntsman's Journal™ provide that writing quick notes on a scrap of paper does not?

    • Designed to be both functional and stylish, Huntsman's Journal™ is the perfect addition to your gaming table. Its clear layout makes it a great match for your other gaming pieces.
    • Elevate your Kingdom Death gameplay with optional journal mechanics that add depth and immersion. Pillar I component.
    • Designed for quick and streamlined use — this journal will never slow down your game.
    • The lamination of the pages allows for effortless addition and removal of notes throughout a campaign. We can recommend these non-permanen pens, which we have used for years.

Handmade in Finland.

Our innovative print products are designed and manufactured in Tampere, Finland.

  • Each Package Includes:

    • Hobo's Huntsman's Journal™
    • BGH Gear Card Divider
    • BGH Gear Card: Huntsman's Journal
    • Free Hobo's Prologue Gorm PDF
    • Hand-packed in a moisture-resistant package
  • PDF Download

    If you're eager to receive your Gorm Prologue PDF after placing the journal pre-order, just email us, and we will send you the download link.

    Revised Edition v3.0 (2024) with rewritten story.

A Perfect Match With...

Thematic Implementation

The Huntsman's Journal™ includes a thematic Story Event and a custom BGH Gear Card, adding an interesting new way to incorporate this book into your campaigns.

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