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Non-permanent, fine-point pen – Faber-Castell

Non-permanent, fine-point pen – Faber-Castell

These top quality pens are a perfect match for our laminated stuff.

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Our favorite pens for our Hobo’s Deluxe Settlement Book™ and Hobo’s Deluxe Character Sheets™.

Each pen is sold separately by color.


The only non-permanent pens you'll ever need

As everything made in Germany, these pens are durable. Oh man, we've been using them for years in Kingdom Death and other games with laminated sheets, and there is a need for new pens only here and now, after multiple years.

These are the best non-permanent pens out there. In Europe, at least. Haven't seen these sold overseas, so here's your chance to get some quality pens in your hands.


One thing, though...

Funny thing is, that end of this pen is maybe the only German thing made out of rubber that doesn't work. Wtf? (Okay okay sorry, just messing with you, couldn't help myself. I really love you guys!!)

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  • — Made in Germany.
    — Very durable, lasts for years when used properly.
    — Fine-point, the tip is only 0.6mm (approx. 0.024 in).
    — Dry fast, so you can continue your game.

  • — Simply the best non-permanent pens we've seen.
    — Easy to wipe off with a moist cloth or a piece of tissue paper (NOTE: the rubber end of these pens should not be used, it doesn't work but most likely just wear down your laminated pages faster).

A Perfect Match With...

Hobo’s Deluxe Settlement Book™ for Kingdom Death: Monster is a perfect companion for Hobo's Character Sheets™

Hobo’s Deluxe Settlement Book™

Matte-laminated & designed to work perfectly with these pens.

Order your copy now!
Hobo’s Deluxe Character Sheets™ are awesome and stylish way to keep book of your survivors' struggle.

Hobo’s Deluxe Character Sheets™

Our stylish Character Sheets are professionally designed & playtested for years. Matte-laminated to work perfectly with these pens. Just write & wipe!

Order your set here!

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