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The Original Survival Tokens™, "Quarry", for Kingdom Death: Monster

The Original Survival Tokens™, "Quarry", for Kingdom Death: Monster

The Original Survival Tokens™ takes the surviving to a whole new level

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The Original Survival Tokens™ takes the surviving to a whole new level around your Kingdom Death table

Our Original Survival Tokens™ has been so damn popular among the Kingdom Death Community that even some cheap copies has popped out (even from the game creators themselves haha!). But, copies are just copies.

The truth is that our design is still acclaimed because in the first place it was thoroughly thought and seriously designed to give a better gaming experience. And still is.

These survivor tokens will help you significantly, especially when played solo

Kingdom Death: Monster can be a damn complex board game with numerous variables going on simultaneously. With these high quality, professionally designed survivor tokens have clean and easy-to-notice visual functions.

With these tokens each survivors' spent Survival Actions are very easy to keep track of each round.

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  • — Double-sided, with easy-to-see black & white backside. Other players will see them all around the table.

    — Each token in a set is visually unique, but in line with the others.

    — The Original Survival Tokens™ usability is designed to be easy, quick and noticeable. That's why they are still the top choice.

    — Carefully toned down color scheme fits perfectly among the official Kingdom Death game parts.

    — Super easy to expand with just an upgrade pack (two tokens per player), if you want to try out the Sunstalker Expansion. The upgrade pack fits perfectly in color scheme, while being designed to have their own colors and personality.

  • Our survivor tokens are designed to be super-easy to keep track of around the table. They will help you out from countless hairy situations your survivors will get into.

    And that's a promise, friend.


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Upgrade with Sunstalker Actions™

If you plan to have the Sunstalker Expansion for Kingdom Death, it's recommended to get our Sunstalker Actions™ Upgrade Pack for the special actions.

Never know when they're out of stock when the need is most urgent.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Good, but not amazing, and definitely overpriced for what it is.

A must for solo players

Skip the official tokens and go for these. With the grid, these tokens make a solo players gane a dream. One less thing to mentally track makes a world of difference. Plus they look great.

Thank you T.C. for your nice review and long-time loyalty.

Really made my day to see that you like many of my accessories and love for KDM (even over the official ones, omg! Appreciated!).

(BTW, If you've got an email from '' after your review, you may want to click it and get your reviews tagged as 'verified'. But no worries mate, I'm grateful anyhow!)

Have a great day,
— Olli
The Designer & Shopkeeper

Francesco Bianchi
Very nice set but sometimes too big!:D

Dont get me wrong i really really love these tokens, but sometimes this bundle is too big for my needs. When i play norml campaign as solo, only 4 sets are in use. But its very nice to have all six around anyway so we can play with them in bigger campaigns when we get more players in my house:) Good quality... Grazie!!

Teek Cooper
Great design

Make a small, often forgotten part of the game easy remember and see across the table