BGH VII – Seven Lantern Years of Innovations!

BGH VII – Seven Lantern Years of Innovations!

Let's dance, everybody!

Board Game Hell is celebrating its seventh anniversary today!

Quite a few years, I'd say. A big thank you to everyone who has ordered and pre-ordered our products so far — and some of you since day one (but who's counting)!

With your continuous support, I would have been able to dedicate more time to creating new content here. All this begun as a light side project years ago, but today its my favorite one. Each new product idea receives ample working hours to achieve as much perfection as possible.

And the more they sell, the more time I can dedicate to them instead of working on other client work projects. I still have quite a few cool ideas and drafts waiting for the future.

Today we have hundreds of customers all around the world. While the work or shipping times may sometimes take longer than expected, I try to make sure that the quality of the content and products is top-notch and meets your expectations when you finally receive them.

I'm very serious with what I am doing here.


Board Game Hell logo

Full web store overhaul and Board Game Hell brand identity

I've been working on last weeks with the web store on days and nights (literally), to finally get the BGH brand on the level I want it to be. I built up this new store, aiming to make it more informative and user-friendly than basic store themes.

While focusing more and more on our in-house print products these days, I wanted them to be easily identified as our products. The product packages have now our own labels on them.

There are also new up-to-date photos for the revised Character Sheets and the finalized Huntsman's Journal™. The images should work better now with phones and other devices.



Hobo's Nightmare Trophy Book™ for Kingdom Death: Monster

Celebrating with a brand new, intriguing product launch!

What better way to celebrate than by launching a new, never-before-seen accessory for the Kingdom Death: Monster board game!

Check out the new Hobo's Nightmare Trophy Book™!




– Olli,
The Designer & Shopkeeper

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