Over 70% of Pre-orders Shipped

Over 70% of Pre-orders Shipped

Hello everyone,

Some of you have inquired about the expected shipping date of your orders.

I must admit that the Huntsman's Journal™ has been a more challenging project than I anticipated.

From the very beginning I didn't want to rush it, instead I had enthusiastic approach and determination to achieve the highest level of content and quality possible. And these days it is quite a cool book!

Don't worry, everyone will get their pre-orders eventually, that's my promise.


Delays, always the delays...

Once more, I apologize for all the unforeseen delays that have had a greater impact on deliveries than I anticipated.

This is currently a one-man project, as I don't have any helping hands at the moment here.  Therefore, each days of sickness, running out of supplies, and numerous other factors will extend the project timeline by a few days.

But, despite these delays, I have managed to produce and send out a batch of orders almost every week (there are just so many of them!). The next one was fulfilled just before writing this post.


Amount of work needed for every copy

As mentioned, the Huntsman's Journal™ is quite a project! The most passionate and biggest item I've created to date. And in many ways more complicated and richer than the original Settlement Book™ was.


Today when I was finishing the next batch of orders, I counted up all the steps these books requires before they can be packed up and sent to a customer:

After printing 34 pages for each book, there are seventeen (17!!) manual work steps involved in production of all Huntsman's Journals and gaming cards, from printing to finishing, packing, and shipping.

Only after that can an order be taken to a post office.

So overall, there are easily more than 20 steps your copy has gone through before you receive it — and then you can multiply it by a hundred copies (and more!). Phew!

I hope you can live with these short delays. Rest assured, you will receive your copy, and I'll make sure it's worth the wait!

I will keep up the hard work. Thank you for understanding.


You will receive an automated email notification when your order is processed and on its way to a post office.


Have a great weekend,
– Olli

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