Happy New Year & Current Roadmap

Happy New Year & Current Roadmap

Hello, friends!

I hope you all had great Holidays and New Year. Now the year has changed, and I'll give you a short insight what's going on.


The Last Holidays' Newsletter

Those of you, who have pre-ordered our upcoming Hobo’s Huntsman's Journal™ AND are on our Newsletter list, received an email fust before the holidays. The information there mainly indicated that the journal is in good condition now, with only minimal tweaks possibly needed. But every day less.

These customers also received the Prologue Gorm PDF to enjoy during the holidays. If you have pre-ordered the journal but haven't received the newsletter, please email us and we'll send you the PDF.

Those who are not on the subscriber list, I can't stress this enough: subscribe to our newsletter, as it is the most efficient way to inform customers who have bought specific items. Hard to find and select dozens of people by hand, one by one.


Short delays

The end of the year was a mayhem. A week-long illness and a heavy workload with various projects have affected in working on these products. Not to mention delays with the tools shipping from Germany. Sorry!

The new optimistic timeframe to start the printing and shipping Huntsman's Journals and Black Friday Scrap Bags is this January, if everything goes smoothly. I will do all I can to keep this timeframe, but please allow for short delays in case something goes sideways and f's up everything.


Hobo's Character Sheets™ Revised Edition 2024

While the new tools changed our working process quite a bit, I took the opportunity to review the sheets. I made minor tweaks and fixes here and there.

Everyone who has placed an order that includes the Character Sheets will automatically receive the revised edition.

The new sheets are ready to ship.


New Hobo's Settlement Book™ for GCE is planned for 2024

I have received numerous queries from around the world about the new Settlement Book and whether it will be available in 2024. The new version has been in the design phase for months, but it had to be postponed due to many other ongoing projects.

It will not be an easy task, I tell you, but I love it and will do my best to exceed the expectations.

Thank you everyone! Have a great and productive new Lantern Year!


– Olli,
The Designer & Shopkeeper

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